Community Grants

The KCNA Community-Based Health Projects Grant Program


King County Nurses Association is committed to improving the health of the communities in King County. KCNA members are encouraged to participate actively in community based projects that can result in a positive change to a current health issue.

Grants are available for $500-$1,000.

If you have an idea for a project that could meet a health need in King County, you are eligible to apply.

SPECIAL THANKS to Salal Credit Union for providing funding for KCNA Community Grants.

Types of Grants

1. General Grant

For a community-based health project that meets a health need in King County. Examples include: organizing a bicycle safety awareness program, working with a homeless shelter to improve health of clients, organizing a health fair for at-risk families, coordinating a health education seminar at a Senior Center.

2. Elizabeth Thomas Memorial Grant

This grant is offered in special recognition of the work that Elizabeth Thomas, BSN, MN, ARNP, did as a Pediatric ARNP for more than 25 years. The grant will be for projects that are in support of infants, children and families from diverse communities. Examples include: projects that support reduction in infant mortality; enhance health services for infants, youth or families; involve collaboration with multiple agencies; support homeless infants and youth.

Eligibility Criteria

The project must

Funding cannot be used for

Application Information

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Click here for a Community Grant Application. 

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