King County Nurses Association has a mentorship project, called MentorLink. The project creates partnerships between KCNA members who are experienced nurses and

This project is designed to be fun, flexible and inspirational – helping students and new nurses find greater satisfaction in their professional pursuits while allowing experienced nurses to “give back” by offering their expertise to the next generation.

It's up to each mentor team to determine how often they meet and the best way to communicate. It might be in-person or by another way of communicating. Interested in applying to be a mentor or a mentee? More information is included below. More teams will be matched in the fall of 2017.

2016-17 MentorLink Teams

MentorLink teams attended orientation on November 9, 2016, to meet and get to know one another. Individual teams will meet through spring 2017; mentors (experienced nurses) provide support and guidance to their mentees (students, new nurses or nurses new to a particular position/area of practice).

Mentee Information:

Mentee Overview & Frequently Asked Questions

Mentor Information:

Mentor Overview & Frequently Asked Questions