Retired Nurses

Are you a retired RN?

If so, you may already realize that changes in the profession have also meant changes for nurses who are retired. Perhaps you've elected to let your license lapse, but now would like to be involved in projects or volunteer positions that require a license. Or your license is current, but you need malpractice coverage in order to provide volunteer nursing services.

Underserved populations continue to need nursing and other health services they are unable to access or afford. If you would like to lend a helping hand during your retirement, perhaps you will find resources below that can help you help others.

Public Health Service Reserve Corps

The Public Health Reserve Corps (PHRC) is a group of local medical and non-medical workers who can augment Public Health as volunteers during a public health emergency or disaster. Some PHRC volunteers also provide important but non-emergent services to underserved populations throughout the year. For more information, click here.

Volunteer/Retired Providers (VRP) Program

The Western Washington Area Health Education Center (WWAHEC) helps place volunteer or retired professionals throughout western Washington, including physicians and physician assistants, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals. Click here for more information.

•  License Renewal

Licensed health care professionals who are not currently using their Washington state license for paid work are eligible for free license renewal, paid by the Washington State Department of Health. This benefit is intended to help eliminate barriers to volunteerism and increase access to health care for Washington State’s underserved patients.

•  Malpractice Insurance

The Washington Volunteer/Retired Providers Malpractice Insurance Program is designed to encourage health care volunteers in Washington State by paying the malpractice insurance premiums for those providing non-invasive care to underserved patients. Volunteers who only use their Washington professional license for volunteer work are additionally eligible for free license renewal (see "License Renewal" above).

Professional Association Membership

Washington State Nurses Association has a special fee category for retired nurses. By maintaining your WSNA membership, you can continue to stay connected with colleagues and assist in the advancement of your profession during your retirement. For more information, or to join, visit