Getting Involved

King County Nurses Association members participate in the Board of Directors, Committees, and Special Interest Groups. Each of these opportunities are detailed below. For a schedule of upcoming meetings, please visit our Events page.

Board of Directors

The KCNA Board of Directors consists of nurse members in the following positions:

The Board is responsible for setting the vision and direction of the organization, and takes an active role in KCNA events and activities.

Officers are elected for two-year terms by a vote of the membership. In addition, three members of the Nominating Committee are elected by a vote of the membership for one-year terms.

Contact us if you are interested in running for a KCNA office.

Special Interest Groups

KCNA sponsors special interest groups, open to KCNA members.

Current groups include:

For a schedule of upcoming meetings, please visit the Events page.


KCNA also has active committees for KCNA members, including:

KCNA committees and special interest groups work to foster public understanding of health care issues and to improve the professional standard of nursing.